Recycled Equipment Donated for Independence (REDI)

How the Program Works

ACIL accepts donations of used, medical equipment that is no longer needed from a variety of sources such as private citizens, nursing homes, independent living facilities, rehab facilities, etc.

ACIL turns over ownership of this useable equipment to individuals who are not eligible to obtain the equipment through Medicaid or Medicare, do not have insurance and cannot afford the equipment. Donations are accepted to help ACIL continue to operate the REDI program. EQUIPMENT IS NOT BEING SOLD to you. ACIL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ABOUT THIS EQUIPMENT. Any funds, monies or other consideration you donate are solely to cover the cost of running the REDI program and are NOT INTENDED TO GIVE RISE TO ANY WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ABOUT THIS EQUIPMENT

ACIL does not repair the equipment that is donated and cannot repair equipment that is privately owned. We simply do not have the equipment or manpower to repair durable medical equipment. An attempt is made to establish that the donated equipment is in working order before placing the item in stock.

ACIL will attempt to fulfill your request for durable medical equipment. If we do not have the item you are requesting in our donated inventory your name can be placed on a waiting list for future donations of that item. However, there may be other individuals who are ahead of you on that waiting list. We will fulfill requests for equipment in the order the requests were received.

While you are on the waiting list for equipment, you will be contacted by an ACIL Independent Living Specialist who will review your potential eligibility for new, more appropriate equipment from other resources in the community. They will also discuss other services available to you through ACIL to ensure that life in the community is fulfilling as possible for you.

The REDI program serves the following counties:

  • Clark
  • Greene
  • Montgomery
  • Preble

We are unable to offer delivery or pick-up of equipment at this time.

The (REDI) office is located at: The Access Center for Independent Living, Inc.
(New Location: on the first floor of the Miami Valley Housing Opportunities)
165 E. Helena St.
Dayton, Ohio 45404

(937) 341-5202 voice
(937) 341-5217 fax

711 Ohio Relay
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday – 8:30 AM to 4 PM (Please call ahead to schedule an appointment for pick up.)